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Third engineer
What we appreciate in our employees is the desire to
achieve a good result, the willingness to work in
a team and to take responsibility.
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Your responsibilities:
Follow the rules of shipboard technical equipment operation, instructions from construction plants and other instructions, fix revealed defects and technical equipment failures personally or with the assistance of the shipbuilding experts assigned to them, draw up a work plan and present it to the second engineer;
To make maintenance reports, to control the quality of repair works performed by coastal and ship specialists;
Prepare applications for logistical support and submit them to the second mechanic, keep records of spare parts and tools of their department;
Maintain the established technical documentation on his department.
To control and during the watch personally keep the machine and other journals and records, reporting documentation of the ship-mechanical service prescribed by the Regulations of service on ships of the navy and the internal organizational and administrative documents of the company;
Comply with the convention requirements for the prevention of marine pollution;
If necessary, work as the second mechanic.
Our conditions:
Work on the “Protey” tanker: 1992 year of construction, 3206 deadweight, 299 capacity.
Salary from 95 000 rubles.
Registration in accordance with the LC RF.
All social guarantees.
Our requirements to the applicant:
Higher education in the specialty of “operation of ship power plants”
Diplomas, certificates, attestations in accordance with International STCW Convention 78-95 with changes and additions, The Merchant Shipping Code of the Russian Federation, laws and normative acts of the Russian Federation;
Experience no less than a 2 years in the position of "thirs engineer”;
Experience on tankers at least 2 cruises (a total of at least a year).
List of documents
List of required documents for each position
You can download the application form, fill it in and send it to us by our website, or from your mailbox to the personnel department email address ok@mortrast.ru.
Question of management personnel
Anquette of the tanker crew
If you have any questions you can contact the personnel department:
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Toporkova street 9/6, room 1
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690091, Vladivostok,
street Nekrasovskaya, 36B, 7th floor
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