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Senior assistant to the captain
We value our employees desire to achieve results,
a willingness to work in teams and to take
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Your function:
As the head of the ship's technical services, organizes and directs the work of the service personnel to achieve the objectives set out in the policy of the Company's SMS;
Defining and validating the operating mode of the power plant in accordance with its operation rules set by controlling the load limit;
Execution of orders at the captain of the technical condition of the hull and use of technical equipment of the ship;
Monitors the availability of fuel, lubricants, water, supplies for the needs of the service.
The work program for ship repair
Our terms and conditions:
Work on tankers with capacity up to 3000 and beyond 3000
Salaries 170 000
Making of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation
All social guarantees
Our requirements for the candidate:
Degree in «Operation of ship power plants»
Diplomas, certificates and licenses under, TSTSMNV-78/95 as amended, KTM the Russian Federation, laws and normative acts of the Russian Federation;
Work experience at least 5 years in the position of «chief engineer»
Experience on tankers at least 3 flights (a total of not less than two years)
Knowledge of the programs «managing equipment maintenance», an experienced PC user
List of documents
List of required documents for each position
You can download the application form, fill it in and send it to us by our website, or from your mailbox to the personnel department email address ok@mortrast.ru.
Question of management personnel
Anquette of the tanker crew
If you have any questions you can contact the personnel department:
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690091, Vladivostok,
street Nekrasovskaya, 36B, 7th floor
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