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Second assistant
of a captain
What we appreciate in our employees is the desire to
рachieve a good result, the willingness to work in
рa team and to take responsibility.
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Your responsibilities:
Control the household and the health services, ensure the implementation of ship operations under their authority and the necessary documentation;
Ensure compliance with fire safety regulations when loading, placing, transporting and unloading goods, in particular flammable and explosive products, as well as with the transportation rules of toxic and other hazardous substances;
Monitor the technical condition of the receiving cargo device, the purity of cargo tanks, prevent flooding, mixing, overflow and spill of cargo, directly manage the ballasting and deballasting of the ship;
Make a cargo plan taking into account the design of the ship, the specifics and features of the goods, the permissible draught and the required trim, ensuring the stability and strength of the ship, the sequence of the harbors of unloading;
Our conditions:
Work on the «Peley» tanker: 1986 year of construction, 3284 deadweight, 2005 capacity
Salary from 105 000 rubles
Registration in accordance with the LC RF
All social guarantees
Our requirements to the applicant:
Higher education in the specialty of «navigation»
Diplomas, certificates and certificates provided by The Merchant Shipping Code of the Russian Federation, International STCW Convention 78-95 with changes and additions, SOLAS-74/88 with changes and additions
Work experience no less than 3 years in the position of «second assistant of a captain»
Experience on tankers at least 2 cruises (a total of at least a year)
List of documents
List of required documents for each position
You can download the application form, fill it in and send it to us by our website, or from your mailbox to the personnel department email address ok@mortrast.ru.
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Anquette of the tanker crew
If you have any questions you can contact the personnel department:
683031, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky,
Toporkova street 9/6, room 1
8 (4152) 30-20-11
690091, Vladivostok,
street Nekrasovskaya, 36B, 7th floor
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