Time on Kamchatka: 18:46
Towing and
small auxiliary fleet
Group of companies «Morskoy Trust» provides towing services for
mooring operations in the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. By doing this
the company strives to meet clients’ needs and expectations
Order bunkering
We provide comprehensive services for ship maintenance: delivery of the pilot to the LC-109 (the lowest rate in harbor), as well as ship mooring to the berth by our two tugs Peresvet and Ryanyy. All of this combined makes the customer to go for help only to our company and not to look for other executors for their ships’ service.
Ordering towing services from our company you get the following advantages:
Low prices
Because of the fact that ships are in our property, we provide one of the lowest rates for towing in the harbor, as well as for the pilot delivery.
Our ships are licensed to deliver passengers to the harbor; this fact confirms the safety and operability of our vessels.
The most powerful tug
Having in property one of the most powerful tugboats Ryaniy (2520 hp), we can provide towing services for almost any ship.