Time on Kamchatka: 19:30
Transportation of
oil products
In addition to using the company's fleet for bunkering
vessels, tankers are also being used for the transportation
of oil products both in intra- and inter-port connections.
In addition, the company provides barging services such as
bunkering (as a carrier to third parties)
Order transportation
The company's ships have unlimited navigation area, ice class with year-round operation and meet all the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as well as the latest requirements of MARPOL 73/78 which is international Convention for the prevention of marine oil pollution. The company has been delivering fuel by the Northern Sea Route, provided logistics for the ships and vessels bunkering of the Pacific fleet during military training exercises in 2013, promptly controlling tankers for the delivery of fuel to hard-to-get areas as part of the program "Northern delivery for the Ministry of defense objects" (Anadyr settlement, Ust-Kamchatsk settlement, Kunashir island)
Cargo heating system
The ships are equipped with a cargo heating system that allows to deliver any kind of fuel
A large number of ships
and transshipment bases
The company can carry out the delivery and fuel transshipment at the expense of its own tanker fleet which allows avoiding additional costs
Own storage
Currently, the marine trust group has fuel storage facilities in the harbors of Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Own gas-tank trucks
The company also has trucks at its disposal with a capacity from 6 to 40 cubic meters which supply light types of oil products to coastal enterprises
Member of the RosMorRechBunker Association
Group of companies «Morskoy Trust» is a member of the Russian Association Of Marine and River bunkering on the basis of certificate № 58 from 21.06.2011