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Bunkering is the process of refueling a vessel with fuel and engine oils. Bunkering can be carried out up and running, at the pier, on the roads or while drifting on the river, sea or ocean.
Wholesale of oil products
«Morskoy Trust» Group of Companies is a reliable supplier of quality oil products. We specialize in selling key fuels, which are widely used by individuals and industrial enterprises.
Transportation of oil products
In addition to using the company's fleet for bunkering vessels, the tankers are also used to transport oil products both in intra-port and inter-port waters. In addition, the company provides barging services, performing bunkering to third parties as a carrier.
Towing and small supporting fleet
«Morskoy Trust» Group of Companies provides towing services for mooring operations in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky port.
Supply of oil products to onshore tanks
«Morskoy Trust» Group of Companies provides services for the supply of oil products to onshore tanks. Unloading of oil products is possible both at specialized oil pumping stations, and on unequipped shores with the use of a temporary oil pipeline.
Transshipment and storage of oil products
Tankers are also used in the transportation of petroleum products in water and intraport interport message.