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The group of companies «Morskoy Trust» was founded in 2007 and is based in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The company's business priorities are marine bunkering of ships in the areas of fishing expeditions in the Okhotsk and Bering Seas, wholesale and retail sale of oil products in the Far East harbors, transportation of oil products.

Largest taxpayer
In May 2012 the IFTS qualified the group of companies “Morskoy Trust” as the largest taxpayer.
Member of the RosMorRechBunker Association
The group of companies «Morskoy Trust» is a member of The Russian Association of Marine and River bunkering.
Non-restricted sailing area
The company's ships have non-restricted sailing area, ice class with year-round operation.
History of the company
2007-2008 years
LLC «Morskoy Trust» was established on May 7, 2007. The company began its activity in May 2008 with the acquisition of the tanker Achilles that has a gross tonnage of 1 450 tons of oil products. From that moment, the company began to provide marine bunkering services in the waters of the Far Eastern seas.
2008 year
The company is increasing its presence on the market of oil products wholesale and their transportation. The tankers «Beloyarsk», «Hector», «Uran», «Peley» and «Priam» were acquired. The total ships tonnage reached 15,000 tons.
2012-2014 years
Formation of companies operating under one brand called «Morskoy Trust». The beginning of the project on the construction of our own ship repair base. The tankers Pandar and Pilad were acquired. The aggregate cargo capacity of the company's ships reaches 31,800 tons.
2015 year
A branch office is being opened in Vladivostok. The company registers its participation in the «Kamchatka» territory of advanced development project. The tanker Yason and the tugboat «Peresvet» were acquired. The company starts the provision of services for towing and ships pilotage. The total cargo capacity reaches 36,000 tons.
2016 year
The group of companies «Morskoy Trust» strengthens its positions in harbors of Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Vostochny by purchasing the Yaromir port tanker (1000 tons deadweight) and the BBS-5 barge-towing boat (10,000 tons deadweight). With the help of the latter, there appeared the possibility of various types of oil products transloading in Vladivostok harbor and their segregated storage.
2017-2018 years
In 2017, the company made one of the largest transactions by acquiring the tanker «Kairos» with a deadweight of 47,358 tons. The year 2018 also began actively with the purchase of the «Ryanyy» tugboat and the pilot boat «LK-109». The final stage of NB «MS-Bunker» construction is also scheduled for this year.

Today the group of companies «Morskoy trust» is a dynamically developing company which renders a wide range of services in transportation, storage, sea and coastal bunkering with oil products on all Far East territory.
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Over the years of work, individuals and legal entities appealed to us for assistance, including well-known companies.
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